Monday, May 31, 2010

End of the Year Exhibition

Our first year is over. It has been very successful. On May 26 we opened our end of the year exhibition at Raising Matter ( in Hudson NY. On May 28 we had our graduation celebration for our 3 full time students, Kristin Dalton, Laurel Iselin and Karin Heide Weinrich. When we closed the show on May 30 over 100 people had visited to see the work.
We are looking forward to our next year which will begin in September 2010. If you are interested in Free Columbia please contact us at




            Our normal experience of life is fragmentary, the world is broken into obscurity.  The immediate impressions I meet leave me thinking, making sense and speculating; they leave me unsatisfied.  The work of art is the mysterious corner of the world where the fragment has become a whole.  While I am in beauty I lack nothing, I desire nothing.  To take fragments from peripheral facets of a half visible whole and to lift them to beauty is the activity of Impressionism.  We pursued this work through pastel work and poetry in the landscape.  

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

image colors

image colors: green, white, black and peach blossom.
What mystery lies here?
We spent 4 weeks getting to know these colors, their moods, their inclinations, by painting them in many different ways. 
Here are our experiments.