Saturday, October 9, 2010


We are beginning the second year of Free Columbia! We have 4 fulltime students for the first block and 10 part time students. This year we will offer four weekday mornings of painting, Tuesday through Friday. On Tuesday afternoons we will form a troop of marionette players. During the fall and winter we will learn to play the marionettes and in the spring we will put on local performances. A class in light and dark drawing will be given on Wednesday afternoons followed by an open studio time. In the fall and winter on Tuesday evenings Nathaniel Williams will teach Philosophy of Aesthetics and in the spring Patrick Stolfo will teach Evolution of Consciousness through the History of Art. On Thursday evenings throughout the year we will have a study group on Theosophy. Five Saturday mornings throughout the year will be devoted to working artistically with seasonal themes.


            All courses are freely given and everyone who is interested in making a commitment to part or full time study is encouraged to apply. For more information you may visit our website at You may view last years experiences at For registration and a detailed schedule you may contact us at or Laura Summer at 518-672-7302 and Nathaniel Williams at 518-672-4090


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